Alstead GMRS Radio System


***Update 8/26/22***  Both repeaters are now on the air.  Initial testing shows coverage in roughly 80% of Alstead or better, between these two repeaters and a pre-existing privately owned repeater.


The Town of Alstead obtained grant funding to put up two GMRS radio repeaters.  The purpose is to provide an alternate means of communication to Alstead residents that does not depend on phone lines, internet, or other infrastructure that could fail in times of severe weather or other disaster.  This project is entirely grant funded and has received no town tax money.

What it is:

GMRS is a licensed radio service for personal communications such as families, hunters, etc.  A license does not require a test, and a single license is good for all immediate family members.  GMRS radios can be used to talk directly from one radio to another, or to talk through a repeater.  A repeater is a radio that retransmits signals – this enables communication between two radios that are not close enough or powerful enough to reach each other directly, as long as they are both in range of the repeater.


First, obtain an FRN by going to , clicking on “Register with the FCC”, and following the steps to register a username and obtain an FRN.  (An FRN is an ID number used when applying for FCC radio licenses)Next, apply for a license by going to , click “File Online”, log in with your FRN, click “Apply for New License”, select “ZA – General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)”, and follow the steps to complete your application.  The current FCC fee for a GMRS license is $35 and the license is valid for 10 years.


Any GMRS radio with repeater capability can be used.  The repeaters were purchased from, and installed by, WaveComm in West Lebanon.  If you desire, you can purchase radios directly from them – they have agreed to include programming to the Alstead system in the purchase price.  For more information, click here to contact them directly and mention the Alstead GMRS system.

How to access the repeaters:

Because some manufacturers use different channel and PL numbering schemes, we are providing the technical information below.  Please consult your radio’s manual to see what channels/tone codes represent the information below.

Village repeater:  462.675 MHz (467.675 MHz input), 136.5 Hz PL

East repeater:  462.600 MHz (467.600 MHz input), 136.5 Hz PL

Additionally, there is a privately owned repeater on Cobb Hill that is available for use.  462.550 MHz (467.550 MHz input), 136.5 Hz PL